At work for the family of Oranje Nassau

Long ago, in the mid-17th century, the Valkenberg Park in Breda served as the castle garden of the Oranje-Nassau family. Much of the surface was covered by various baroque-style motifs as seals in the garden. To give this garden some extra allure, the family bought several statues, including the statue of Hercules.
Now, hundreds of years later, there is a small remnant left. The statue of Hercules (replica) shows off beautifully in the Valkenberg Park. For the view, a gazebo has been constructed around the statue in the French Baroque style, just like 400 years ago.
Everyone from Breda knows this courtyard garden in the park. We’ve all walked past it, some have sat there, and our children may have played. AMT Group was commissioned by the Municipality of Breda to build this beautiful corten steel arbor at the beginning of this year.
Completely according to the plan of an architect’s drawing, we have been able to design, produce and assemble all the corten steel sheet metal.
We feel honored to be able to renew the garden of the Oranje-Nassau family.

Thanks Municipality of Breda for this great project!