Samenwerking KEMP Group

AMT Group and KEMP Group join forces

In 2022, AMT railroad presented the e-excavator, a retrofitted mobile excavator on trolleys with an electric powertrain and interchangeable packages.
KEMP group is the Atlas importer in the Benelux and supplies, among others through van Tetering, rollers and other customer-specific machines for railroad infrastructure.

During the construction of the first machine, cooperation was already in place and is now being expanded.
Meanwhile, a lot of experience has been gained with the first prototypes and more than 15 machines are already in production. Many of these (track) machines are currently being retrofitted but that’s where the new factory machines come in.

A requirement is that the user can work for at least 8 hours, which is possible with the new generation of batteries being used. The unique changeover system allows the machine to be used 24/7.
Currently, possibilities in combination with a plug-in fuel cell (H2) are also being explored in order to offer an even more flexible concept to the customer