Working for a safe and clean environment on and around the railroad. AMT RailRoad develops and manufactures zero-emission rail machines. Unique machines with interchangeable battery packs allowing the user to work 24/7 emission-free, safe and flexible. The user gets a machine that is equivalent in power and feel to the fuel version, but quieter and with no harmful emissions

The E-excavator developed together with BAM is the first product with AMT’s Zero Emission battery packs. This enables a saving of 55,000 kg of CO₂ for BAM Infra.

Using 4×90 kWh battery packs, the E-excavator is capable of 8 to 16 hours of autonomous active operation on the track, depending on the work. When the E-excavator works with 2 battery packs while the other packs are charging, the E-excavator can continue working even longer.

The modular and interchangeable battery packs allow BAM to share battery packs with multiple machines in the fleet. In addition, the technology is future-proof with the ability to later apply newer battery packs with more capacity.

Technical Specifications
  • Type TW150/160/180
  • 18 – 24,000 kg
  • Fully electric powertrain
  • Infinitely adjustable speed
  • Permanent Magnet Motor
  • Water-cooled
  • 600V DC (max. 121kW)
  • On-board AC charger (max120kW)(20 to 80% in 2h charging)
  • Interchangeable battery packs (360kWh)
  • Additional TFT LCD color screen with current battery and powertrain information
  • Cloud module with online charging and consumption information