Rail Road dumpers

AMT track dumpers combine performance and safety for optimum efficiency. Due to their compact design, these machines are fully deployable not only on track, but also off track, with sufficient space between the vehicle and the ground.

Raising and lowering the track axles is intuitively controlled via a 4.3″ or 7″ display. This screen not only displays the current status of the track equipment and camera system, but also provides access to the machine from anywhere via an Internet module, making service and report reading easy.

For maximum stability, the track axles are positioned at both the front and rear. All machines are prepared for smooth transitions between normal, streetcar and meter track.

The track equipment is manufactured according to the EN15746 standard and assembly closely follows national guidelines, including TCVT, Infrabel and BAV. As a result, AMT track dumpers meet high quality standards and provide reliability and safety in various track environments.