The UNIMOG is a vehicle with versatility as its goal. Both on the road and on the railroad, the UNIMOG offers many possibilities. This platform combined with Zagro’s technology and track applications creates a machine that can be specially adapted to the customer’s specific needs. The UNIMOG can be used for shunting, track work, maintenance work, cleaning track and verge but can also be used for rerailing and recovery. Depending on the tasks required, there are many options available to equip the UNIMOG with. The vehicle is deployable on streetcar, subway and heavy rail.

Construction options

Since the UNIMOG has multiple purposes
can serve, there is a wide range of
construction options available.
– Crane and work bucket assembly
– Green maintenance such as mowing
– Dust control
– Sweeping installation
– Winter service equipment with snowplow
– Closed body with storage for emergency & disaster recovery equipment
– Open cargo box

Technical Specifications:

  • UNIMOG U423 & U430
Maximum towing weight:
Maximum speed:
1000T (depending on slope angle, curve and track cant)
40 km/h without towing weight and 25 km/h with towing weight
  • Single-axis guide gear:
Track wheels:
Track gauge:
Minimum arc radius:
Ø 400 / Ø136 mm
1435 to 1676 mm

~ 50 / 35 m (depending on wheelbase)

  • Bogie/bogie track guide system:
Track wheels:
Track gauge:
Minimum arc radius:
∅ 230 mm
1435 to 1676 mm

~ 17 m (depending on wheelbase)

  • High rider:
Track wheels:
Track gauge:
Minimum arc radius:
∅ 400 mm
1000 to 1435 mm

~ 35 m (depending on wheelbase)