Igralub conditioning agents / installations

Vibration, abrasion and noise; these are symptoms that occur on and around the railroad tracks. Igralub offers the solution to the above problems. Igralub is a Swiss manufacturer with more than 25 years of experience in track conditioning, noise and wear reduction.

Igralub conditioning agents are quality products for rail wheel rail management. These products can be applied to heavy rail, regional rail and subway and streetcar tracks. Years of worldwide experience results in the reduction of wheel and track wear and associated noise pollution.

AMT offers the following resources from Igralub:

  • Wheel-flange lubrication
    – FriCmoLub (on-board)
    – RailLub (on-board)
  • Rail-flange lubrication (stationary)
  • Top of rail (on-board)
    – Headlub (on-board)
    – Headlub TS (stationary)
  • Change lubrication
    – SwitchLub
  • Pastelub (material maintenance product)

The application of these conditioning agents requires systems and installations. AMT offers the following:

  • Stationary installations
  • On-board installations
    – TrainSys-AL
    – Noise and vibration monitoring system