Light Chassis & Pickups

For inspections or transporting people and equipment to track work, AMT-ZWEIWEG offers a range of pickups and light chassis. These vehicles are safe and convenient choices for transporting personnel and equipment, with the option of both enclosed bodies and open bodies. Customers have the freedom to add additional features, such as a crane or loading platform, according to their specific needs.

Our pickups are manufactured based on the proven Toyota Hilux or Land Cruiser, with options for both single and double cabs. They are excellent for transporting people, tools and materials without sacrificing the driving experience of a passenger car. As a result, our ZWEIWEG pickups offer flexibility and rapid deployment that is unique within the spectrum of rail vehicles.

Our single-axle guide frame with a 1435 mm track width ensures that the vehicle is tracked in, while the wheels for drive and
brake concerns. The guidance system maintains close contact with the track via hydraulic pressure and is monitored to ensure safety. With a maximum speed of 50 km/h on the track, our vehicles offer the ideal combination of efficiency and reliability for rail-related operations.