Production Automation with robots Isover – Progress

This concerns an automation whereby the robot takes over several activities performed by the operators:

  • Taping up the end of a full roll with glass fibre.
  • Placing an empty tube on the air shaft.
  • Taping the empty tube to allow the glass fibre to adhere to it when it is replaced.
  • The robot also replaces the air shafts and removes empty tubes from the warehouse.

The robots are programmed and controlled by Mertisoft BV using a vision system, among other things.

We maintained close contact with Isover during the project to reach the best possible solution. The robots will be delivered and installed in the next few weeks. We will add grippers to give the robots better functionality. Other components will also be installed, such as air shaft clamps, warehouses, and gates. The final step will be to commission and test them.